Who should Use OpenOffers?

You are a recruiter and you and your company has suffered a lot of business risk/loss due to candidates choosing to opt out of your job offer, after having committed to you in the first place.

Demand for quality talent is outstripping supply and well-skilled professionals are getting multiple offers, each better than the other. That’s wonderful!!

We don't stop candidates from picking multiple offer.

This is not a spy\policing platform but candidate consent based platform.

We do not sell data but live on subscription fees.

We are legally compliant Legal Opinion.

How it works?

It's As Simple As 4 steps


Sign-up on OpenOffers, verify corporate email account, activate your account.

Register your Offered Candidate

Sign-in to OpenOffers and go to Pin an Offer to register your new offered candidate.

Automated Radar Scanning

OpenOffers scans whether the candidate has made conflicting commitment to any other offer to any other company while on your timeline.

Receive Alerts

Get a notification, on a confirmed event of conflicting commitment made by the candidate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpenOffers a Social Media platform?

a. No. OpenOffers is an enterprise SAAS platform, its a consent based, private and verified recruiters' network

Is the information shared on OpenOffers kept private and confidential?

a. Yes. OpenOffers doesn’t store any personally identifiable information in plain text format. PII data always remains in a one-way-hash format.

How ethical is it to collaborate and track candidate commitments on OpenOffers?

a. Every recruiter tracks candidate’s commitment independently, OpenOffers is a way to collaborate on this tracking anonymously, so that it benefits everyone including candidates to make decisions with clarity. b. Banks collate data from their customers’ specifically about defaulting on payments, and compute CIBIL score to reduce bad debts. Insurance companies collate all customers’ health claim data to ensure accurate premium calculation. Healthcare sector collaborates on EMR to provide care for patients. c. Glassdoor collates data from employees and ex-employees on salaries, culture etc. on the companies they work(ed) with. OpenOffers works on the other side.

We don’t want to collaborate and share commitment signals, how can we use OpenOffers?

a. Fyg – File Your Ghosting candidates is a feature that helps the whole recruiter community to report the candidates who backed-out from their commitment to join in the last 2 weeks before joining date. b. Name of companies posting on Fyg is kept confidential c. Searching Fyg helps recruiters know ghosting tendencies of the candidates based on their past behavior.

Will this work only when there are all the companies on the platform?

a. All the companies signing-up on the platform will make the platform super-effective. However, with just your target cluster of companies available on the platform is good enough for you to see the ghosting pattern and red flags. b. When your target cluster isn’t fully available on the platform we build the network that matters to you by following 2 approaches, refer Question approaches to onboarding companies that matter on OpenOffers.


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