Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpenOffers a Social Media platform?

a. No. OpenOffers is an enterprise SAAS platform, its a consent based, private and verified recruiters' network

Is the information shared on OpenOffers kept private and confidential?

a. Yes. OpenOffers doesn’t store any personally identifiable information in plain
text format. PII data always remains in a one-way-hash format.

How ethical is it to collaborate and track candidate commitments on OpenOffers?

a. Every recruiter tracks candidate’s commitment independently, OpenOffers is a way to collaborate on this tracking anonymously, so that it benefits everyone including candidates to make decisions with clarity.

b. Banks collate data from their customers’ specifically about defaulting on payments, and compute CIBIL score to reduce bad debts. Insurance companies collate all customers’ health claim data to ensure accurate premium calculation. Healthcare sector collaborates on EMR to provide care for patients.

c. Glassdoor collates data from employees and ex-employees on salaries, culture etc. on the companies they work(ed) with. OpenOffers works on the other side.

We don’t want to collaborate and share commitment signals, how can we use OpenOffers?

a. Fyg – File Your Ghosting candidates is a feature that helps the whole recruiter community to report the candidates who backed-out from their commitment to join in the last 2 weeks before joining date.

b. Name of companies posting on Fyg is kept confidential

c. Searching Fyg helps recruiters know ghosting tendencies of the candidates
based on their past behavior.

Will this work only when there are all the companies on the platform?

a. All the companies signing-up on the platform will make the platform super-effective. However, with just your target cluster of companies available on the platform is good enough for you to see the ghosting pattern and red flags.

b. When your target cluster isn’t fully available on the platform we build the network that matters to you by following 2 approaches, refer Question approaches to onboarding companies that matter on OpenOffers.

Is OpenOffers in the business of selling the hiring data?

a. No. OpenOffers is an enterprise SAAS platform. OpenOffers doesn’t sell data.

How does OpenOffers intend to make money?

a. OpenOffers is an enterprise SAAS platform for enterprise recruiters and hiring managers. OpenOffers revenue model is paid subscription per year, charged per enterprise that sign-ups.

How do you identify a candidate across recruiter companies?

a. All recruiters uniquely identify a candidate's based on the candidate PAN Card number. Recruiters begin posting an offer by first specifying the candidate’s PAN card number on OpenOffers

What if recruiters don’t have PAN card number?

a. Secondary identifiers for candidate include their Email Address and Phone Number.

What other candidate information do you require recruiters to provide you?

a. PAN card number is the only mandatory information that you need to provide about the candidate to post an offer. Optionally, you can provide the name, email and phone number of the candidate.

How do you ensure that the candidate information is kept confidential in OpenOffers?

a. We accept only the PAN Card number of the candidates. The PAN card number of the candidate is stored as a one-way hash in the system. One-way hash is a garbled up version of an actual PAN card number, that cannot be reversed into plain-text data. We don’t store any personally identifiable information in plain-text in our database.

What information is a recruiter expected to provide while posting an offer in OpenOffers?

a. Recruiters are expected to provide 3 data points: PAN Card number of the candidate, Date of Acceptance of the Offer, Agreed Date of Joining. Additionally the recruiter may provide notes for their internal reference.

What information can we see about other companies that have made an offer to the candidate?

a. You can see if the candidate has accepted offers from other companies or not. You won’t see the name of the companies that made the candidate an offer. You can see other offers’ acceptance date, and agreed date of joining.

Why do you accept PAN Card number as the candidate identifier?

a. In India it's illegal for one person to hold more than one PAN card number. It makes PAN Card a unique lifetime identifier for candidates. It’s a standard practice in India to take candidates’ salary slips, bank statements, IT Returns, in order to process the final offer letter. This information would contain the PAN card number. For these 2 reasons OpenOffers accepts PAN card number as the valid candidate identity.

Is it legal to share a PAN Card number for identity?

a. As per Income Tax Department, the PAN Card number should not be shared publicly on social media channels.

b. Transaction between recruiters and candidates is a private matter.

c. OpenOffers is not a social media platform. OpenOffers is an enterprise SAAS platform for recruiters.

d. OpenOffers does a strict mutual NDA with each company that signs-up.

e. Companies operating under GDPR, California State Privacy law compliance should take an explicit consent from the candidates before processing the candidature.

How will we know if the candidate who has accepted our offer, also picked up another offer from another company?

a. You will get an email notification from OpenOffers, as soon as another company’s recruiter adds an offer to the same candidate PAN number.

What do we do once we see that the candidate has accepted another offer, while still committed to our offer?

a. You should immediately get in touch with the candidate. You should discuss and immediately find out what is the final decision of the candidate. This will help you to get the candidate to recommit to your offer, you can withdraw their offer in time and begin focusing on other candidates.

My candidate has accepted my offer and then accepted another offer, but now she is willing to join us, what do we do?

a. Ask your candidate to reject the offers from other companies. On OpenOffers, you can mark the status of the candidate as “Recommit”. Other companies who have given offers to this candidate will see that the candidate has Recommitted to your company. They will get in touch with the candidate and withdraw their respective offers.

My candidate has accepted our offer and then accepted another offer, and she is now not willing to join us. What do we do?

a. In OpenOffers mark the status of the candidate offer as Withdrawn.
b. Other recruiters, who have made an offer to the same candidate, will be notified when an offer is withdrawn for that candidate by any recruiter.

My candidate has joined my company, what do we do in OpenOffers?

a. In OpenOffers mark the status of the candidate offer as Joined.
b. You might still receive a notification from OpenOffers, in case the candidate does multiple joining.

Can we view the candidate status before releasing an offer, to check they have already accepted offers from other companies?

a. NO. You will enter the candidate offer on OpenOffers, only after the candidate has accepted your offer.
b. After you’ve added the offer to the OpenOffers, you will have access to the candidate’s commitment timeline on the OpenOffers.

Can we know if the candidate joined multiple companies?

a. YES, you will get a notification from OpenOffers.

Can we change the expected joining date?

a. Yes, you can.

What about the data security with OpenOffers?

a. OpenOffers accepts only PAN Card number of the candidate.

b. OpenOffers records the candidate's PAN Card number in the form of “One Way Hash” in the database, which is an unidentifiable string of characters and numbers.

c. OpenOffers’ doesn’t record any personally identifiable information (PII) data of the candidates in the plain text format.

d. This is in compliance with the standard information security and privacy/ confidentiality practices.

What is the price of the platform to join OpenOffers?

a. At present we are building the community of recruiters across the companies. Therefore for the first 500 companies that sign-up for a trial with OpenOffers, 36 months’ subscription to OpenOffers will be at no cost for conflicting commitment features.

How do we sign-up as a company on OpenOffers?

a. Send your request to sign-up to We shall share a sign-up form with you. You can sign and seal that and send it back to us.

Do you provide ATS integration?

a. YES. For enterprises using ATS, OpenOffers can integrate into respective ATS to automate offer entry and candidate status change.

Which all ATS are already integrated with OpenOffers?

a. FreshTeam, Darwinbox, ZingHR, GreenHouse, Workday, Hellosign.

How do you ensure that the data entered is accurate, and complete?

a. We recommend data entry only through ATS integration, so that all offers data is received with utmost accuracy promptly.

How do you protect the data confidentiality between the enterprise and OpenOffers?

a. We do that through explicit signing of a mutual NDA with each party signing-up with OpenOffers.

b. As part of the sign-up on the platform every enterprise mandatorily signs a Mutual NDA with OpenOffers, parent company Nawksoft Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Should we as enterprise recruiters take an explicit consent from the candidates regarding accepting their PAN Card and using it on OpenOffers?

a. Enterprises should take an internal legal opinion on whether as per law, do they need to take an explicit consent or not from the candidate. Also the verbatim for consent should be taken from the legal and marketing team.

b. We believe in transparency with the candidates about their timeline being tracked on OpenOffers recruiter’s network.

# of companies joining OpenOffers, how to ensure all companies that matter will be onboard?

a. Building the network approach 1:
i. We are forming cluster of companies that matter to get effective hiring signals specifically for your company.
ii. We request you to provide a list of your target cluster companies.
iii. We shall reach out to your cluster of companies explicitly and onboard them.
iv. We will update you periodically on where we stand in terms of % of cluster onboard OpenOffers.
v. We will keep updating the cluster itself, jointly based on your and our insights on companies that matter.
vi. This will take time, however it’ll serve as a permanent solution, as asset, to the challenges of our industry in the long run.

b. Building the network approach 2:
i. Enterprise recruiters on OpenOffers network share the competing companies for every offer they put on the OpenOffers.
ii. Team OpenOffers connects with the recruiters from these companies, and informs them about their candidate being flagged on OpenOffers and that they are missing out on important commitment signals of
this candidate, this intrigues them to join the network.

How to ensure that the companies will keep pushing all offers to OpenOffers?

a. We ensure that internal application tracking systems or any other automation systems already used, are integrated for ensuring getting all data input in the system.

b. Every company gets to track a candidate PAN Card only if and when their offer is accepted by the candidate and they have punched-in the offer onto the OpenOffers.

c. Ergo, for recruiters, inputting an offer is going to be self-serving for them in terms of visibility of the commitment timeline of the candidate. If the recruiter chooses not to upload an offer, they will not be able to track this candidate’s commitment timeline, while this candidate is free to pick up conflicting offers and ghost the recruiter.
d. This is just like how it happens on Glassdoor today, they have grown the
reviews significantly. Also on Whatsapp, LinkedIn etc when you choose to
anonymously visit another person’s profile, you won't come to know who
visited your profile OR when you choose to keep it private, when you last
checked your Whatsapp, you won't get to know that about others.

What is a candidate joining propensity score?

a. This is a predictive analytics scoring done by OpenOffers platform based on the behavioural signals acquired from the network of recruiters. Joining propensity score indicates the likelihood of the candidate joining the company after accepting an offer.

b. This is done based on patterns of behaviour exhibited by the candidate e.g. multiple recommits on the same day or back to back or re-commit to one company followed by de-commit to all the others.

What is the candidate's ghosting score?

a. This is a predictive analytics scoring done by OpenOffers platform based on the behavioural signals acquired from the network of recruiters. Ghosting score indicates the likelihood of the candidate not showing up on the date of joining, or turning down the offer in the last 15 days.

b. This is done based on patterns of behaviour exhibited by the candidate e.g. multiple recommits on the same day or back to back or re-commit to one company followed by de-commit to all the others.

What if candidates are deterred from proceeding with the hiring process with our company because they know that we are using OpenOffers?

a. It’s a red-flag from the hiring perspective. This indicates that the candidate is likely to engage in indecisive behaviour with multiple offers.

b. You can input this signal in OpenOffers, when the candidate is not willing to proceed due to a fear of getting flagged on OpenOffers.

c. You may choose to abstain from inputting such a candidate, but risk of them backing out is much higher.

d. You can File ghosting, in case the candidate eventually drops out before joining.

Can we enter the already hashed PAN Card number in the OpenOffers?

a. Yes, you can. We shall provide the algorithm and you can implement a utility on your end to create a hash before uploading in the system.

What if there is a dispute or discrepancy between data on OpenOffers and that mentioned by the candidate?

a. We handle disputes or discrepancies on a case-to-case basis. Our executives engage with the disputing party and user who inputted alleged disputed data. Based on the details of findings, either the data correction is done by the author or the status quo is maintained.

b. Data dispute or discrepancy will be notified to the respective enterprise administrators and after 3 instances the domain will be blocked for 24 hours from usage of OpenOffers.