Who should Use OpenOffers?

You are a recruiter and you and your company have suffered a lot of business risk/loss due to candidates choosing to opt out of your job offer, after having committed to you in the first place.

Demand for quality talent is outstripping supply and good skilled professionals are getting multiple offers, each better than the other. That’s wonderful!!

Your agony is not that the candidates are not joining, but that they don’t care to inform you about their change of plans until the last minute, putting your business at risk...

How it works?

It’s as simple as 4 steps


Sign-up on OpenOffers, verify corporate email account, activate your account.

Upload Offers

Sign-in to OpenOffers and go to upload offers to register a new candidate offer rolled out.

Automated Radar Scanning

OpenOffers scans whether the candidate has made conflicting commitment to any other offer to any other company while in your timeline.

Receive Alerts

Get a notification, on a confirmed event of conflicting commitment made by the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What offer details do you take while uploading the offers?

Name of the candidate, PAN number (not stored in our database), DOA, DOJ.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the offer details you take from us?

Other company recruiters will not know whom you have offered, they will just know that their candidate has committed to someone else too, and thus can reconnect with the candidate.

How do you identify the candidate ?

We take the PAN number to identify the candidate uniquely but we don’t store this information in our database, instead we only store the hash of the PAN number.

Do I have to pay for this service?

Yes! But, since you are early, its free for now.

What happens after I get an alert?

You check the candidate timeline. Verify the conflicting commitment given out by candidate. You may now get in touch with the candidate to get clarity from them.

Can I see a dashboard for each candidate?

Yes. For each candidate there is a timeline.

Do other company recruiters get to see the details of offers we’ve made to a candidate?

No. Offer details are confidential.

Can I know precisely which other offers the candidate is pursuing?

No. Offer details are confidential.

Do you sell the data related to offers to other parties?


Does the candidate have access to the platform?